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Trips to Nature

Small and Big America (Malá a Velká Amerika)

Submerged mines, galleries, rocks and a couple of stories. Exploring areas in the mine is not a walk for small children. At the times of totality it was forbidden to enter this location and several trespassing tourists encountered angry officers of Public Security. Actually there used to be a military base in the neighborhood. Today the green rocks along with the dark blue water in pools represent a popular tourist destination. Several reckless adventurers paid the highest price for the visit. A couple of crosses stand on the foot of the cliffs to remind us of the unfortunate who fell onto the bottom. The most know of the stories connected to Americas (Small and Big America) is the one about a member of SS. His name was Hagen and he was trying to escape his followers through the drift. As he ran he blew the rock behind him. However he got to the dead end. He blew the access path and died of exhaustion. Rumor has it that his ghost reappears till present day and helps lost tramps find a way out of the maze.

The waterfalls of Bubovice (Bubovické vodopády)

The marking “waterfalls” may be a bit exaggerated. The cascades form large chalky stairs overgrown by moss and algae. The water flows on them only occasionally – usually at the time of summer thaw. Nevertheless this picturesque place is one of the most attractive natural beauties Czech Republic has to offer. The stream of Bubovice appears before the waterfalls and further on flows to Berounka. This romantic spectacle attracts many tourists. The waterfalls are most beautiful in winter. There may be no water flowing, however they are decorated by glittery icicles and duvets of white snow.

The caves of Koněprusy (Koněpruské jeskyně)

The underground spaces discovered by modern cavemen in 1950 are a popular tourist destination. However their history dates back more than four hundred million years. At that time the remains of primeval animals collided and created the Devon calcite. Later, about thirty million years ago it was aggressively drilled by water into being a cave. It gained the shape we know today. The oldest ornamentation is one million years old. The stalactites of Koněprusy are unique for being not just a calcite, but also a worthy opal. Archeological discoveries prove that primeval animals used to live here. In the fourteenth century there was a workshop of a money forger on the top floor. It is said that he managed to create ten thousand fake coins. Today the only thing to be found here are flitter mice, horseshoe bats and curious tourists.

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