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Michaela „Mysha“ Košťálová
A young traveler, journalist and a photographer. Since the year 2004 she has worked as an external editor for a family magazine Srdce. She also works for Online Travel Solutions s. r. o. and externally cooperates with other print or digital media. Mostly contributes in rubrics about traveling and tourism. She visited Egypt, Kenya, Tunis, Iran, Turkey, Brazil and almost all European countries. Photographs and articles (not only about) traveling can be found on: www.myshaweb.cz.


Lubomír Stiburek
A Professional photographer whose archive offers thousands of photos of Prague and other tourist attractions of the Czech Republic. The archive is continuously updated with more and more photographs. It offers documentary and artistic photos. If you wish to see pictures of architecture, nature or even nude act, visit web pages: www.czfoto.cz.

Vladimír Šebekwww.fovi.wz.cz

Jirka Chomát – web developer and a happy father of two daughters :) – www.chomat.net

Karel Špyrc

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SKATE s.r.o. – the provider of the web portal www.ostrava-jih.info

And supervisors of the web pages

And special thanks belong to the company SHOCART for providing the cartographic materials for processing and manipulation.

Turistika.cz – Practical pieces of advice and experience for traveling. Also tips for a trip not only in Czech and Slovak republic
Turistika.cz - pro větší zážitek z cesty a výletu

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